Outlast 2 In Development for PS4, Xbox One and PC

Eager to revisit the frightening cat-and-mouse formula introduced in Outlast? Good, because a sequel for the sleeper horror game is on the way, and the plan is to hit the PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC all at the same time. Outlast initially launched for PC first, and later hit the PS4 and Xbox One. DLC, meanwhile, was released earlier this year, which returned players back to Mount Massive Asylum, just in the shoes of a different character.

Red Barrels Games co-founder Philippe Morin confirmed the news to Bloody Disgusting, but didn’t elaborate too much on what the developer has planned for Outlast 2. Morin did tease that the game will take place in the same universe as Outlast, but feature a new setting and different characters. How that will tie back into the horrible experiments players witnessed at Mount Massive Asylum remains to be seen, but Morin did say the team has new ideas and themes they want to explore.

“We think we’re cooking up something special,” Morin said.

When asked how the developer plans to top the first Outlast, Morin said the team ultimately wants to make a game they’re scared to play themselves. “Trust our instinct,” Morin concluded. In Outlast (and the DLC) players ran through an asylum filled with “variants,” who were hostile toward the player throughout the game. The only difference from a lot of traditional horror games was that players couldn’t fight back—they could only run and hide.

Although the formula was simple, it managed to remain effective throughout the entire experience (at least for me), due in large part to the great graphics, atmosphere and incredible sound design. I expect the same quality for the sequel, though we’ll have to see just how different it is from the first title. Morin didn’t say when Outlast 2 would be available, so it could be awhile before players are thrust back into the Outlast universe.

For what it’s worth, Morin did tell BloodyDisgusting some of the team spent three years developing Outlast, though I expect a much quicker turnaround for Outlast 2.