Papers, Please Censored for iPad Release Because of “Pornographic Content”


As reported yesterday, you can now purchase last year’s indie hit Papers, Please for the iPad. Creator Lucas Pope obviously wants you to pick a copy of his game up, but be wary that it is not the complete game.

In order for the game to go on sale through iOS, Apple required him to censor the game because of its apparent “pornographic content.” For a little context, Papers, Please puts characters in the position as a member of the border guard for a fictional country called Arstotzka. They are tasked with allowing legitimate people through the checkpoint and also sniffing out those trying to illegally enter the country.

One way characters will try to fake their identity is to hide their gender, and as the border guard, you will have access to technology which will allow a scan of their body. This results in a bit of full frontal nudity, which is no doubt where Apple has taken issue with the game.

Pope says he plans to appeal the decision, but in the meantime, you can still pick up a censored copy of the game. The normal price goes for $7.99, but it can be grabbed on sale now for a lower price of $5.99.