Papers, Please Censorship was a “Misunderstanding” on Apple’s Part


Apple has backpedaled on a decision to censor the award winning indie game Papers, Please. Developer Lucas Pope has confirmed that it was all a “misunderstanding” on his Twitter page, and he will be resubmitting the game with the original artwork patched back in.


Papers, Please hit a bit of a hiccup last week in being ported to the iPad after Pope confirmed that Apple required the game’s nudity to be censored out. As mentioned before,Papers, Please does feature full-frontal nudity, but it is handled tastefully through low-resolution artwork and is actually a main part of the gameplay in later levels.

Despite this, it was needlessly slapped with censorship after it was wrongfully described as “pornographic content.” Pope took to the public, which was pretty universal in decrying the censorship, and now he gets to have his way.

You can pick up Papers, Please on the iPad for $7.99. Please be sure to do so, because it is a very well crafted game.