Papers, Please Headed to iPad Tomorrow, December 12th


Last year’s indie hit Papers, Please is finally about to go mobile. Developer Lucas Pope has confirmed via Twitter that his game will be hitting the iPad tomorrow, Dec. 12.


Papers, Please puts players in the shoes of a border control agent working behind the desk of an immigration booth. You will have to inspect the passports of people looking to enter the fictional country of Arstotkoza, and you have only a limited time to do so. Each person means more money, which means more turnips and medicine for your sickly family back home.

While it might sound like a boring desk job, eventually you will find yourself being tasked with searching for terrorists, checking for genders, and searching for your inner human being as your fellow humans become more and more desperate to enter. Do you take a hit in your salary and let starving people through, or do you stick to the books and look out only for your own? Tough call, especially when you let through a husband and have his terrified wife come up to you without a passport.

Papers, Please was obviously made with a touch screen in mind as you’ll constantly be scrambling through maps, rules, papers, shelves, and regulations. With a mouse, it was stressful enough. With a finger, it might not be so bad.

I’m still holding out for a Vita version, but this seems as good as any if you are into iPad gaming. Check out Papers, Please on the iPad tomorrow if you haven’t yet.