Android App Updates Will Stop Getting In Your Way

Some time in the near future, pesky app updates on Android will stop getting in the way. Google announced a bevy of new features at its Android Dev Summit and one of those features addressed the way app updates work. It was part of its Android App Bundle that gives developers tools they can use for their apps, [...]

OnePlus Takes a Hard Look at Verizon Compatibility

OnePlus and Verizon might be paired up later this year. While the nation’s largest carrier isn’t expected to sell the OnePlus 6T, the necessary bands could be included that allow the flagship device to work properly on the network. Tests are underway for the OnePlus 6T on Verizon’s network, according to PC Magazine. Multiple sources have stated [...]

Samsung’s Absolutely Teasing Its Foldable Phone

While there still hasn’t been any confirmation, the South Korean company went ahead and rolled out a not-so-subtle teaser. You might need to look closely, but a tweet for the upcoming Samsung Developer Conference includes an animation that hints at the groundbreaking technology appearing soon. Now there’s little doubt of its impending arrival. Samsung opens [...]

Samsung Continues to Roast Apple in Latest Ingenius Ads

Samsung has returned to its tried and true formula of pointing out all of Apple’s flaws that helped it first establish itself as a smartphone powerhouse. It started with “The Next Big Thing” campaign and it’s continuing with its new “Ingenius” ads that poke fun at Apple for its perceived shortcomings. It just released three new ads [...]

AT&T bundles WatchTV service with new unlimited plans

WatchTV is the latest live TV streaming service to consider, but you might not have to pay for it. AT&T is bundling the service with two of its new plans. Along with an unlimited plan, you’re getting access to a premium video and music streaming services in addition to traditional TV channels at no extra [...]

Fortnite is finally making its way to Android this summer

Epic Games is porting its wildly popular battle royale hit Fortnite over to Android this summer. The game, which was first available on PC before soon making it over to Xbox, PS4 and iOS, has become a sensation, breaking all kinds of records and earning a distinct place in pop culture. It is available in just about every format [...]

No Man’s Sky hits Xbox this July – with proper multiplayer

No Man’s Sky hit PlayStation 4 and PC almost two years ago with a weird, hollow thud. Despite having a strong start, many gamers found themselves quickly bored of the randomly-generated worlds and frustrated by the lack of multiplayer – something game director Sean Murray hinted at during development. Now the game is getting a huge [...]