Snap’s stock price surges with surprising Q4 earnings

Snap’s turnaround could be happening sooner than anyone expected. The company behind Snapchat announced financial results for Q4 2017, and its performance beat expectations to send the stock price surging. Investors appeared to be impressed by growth in daily active users and revenue; however, costs remain high for Snap as profitability still hasn’t been achieved. [...]

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds hits new concurrent-player record, doesn’t even know how to quit

It seems like just a few months ago we were talking about PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds struggling to surpass the seeming unstoppable, untoppable Dota 2 on Steam for concurrent player count. Even though we knew it was huge, it’s still a bit wild to look at the numbers now. PUBG isn’t just passing Dota 2, it’s destroying it – the game surpassed 3 million [...]

New music streaming service from YouTube is planned for next year

Alphabet doesn’t want to let Spotify and Apple run away with the lead any longer. A new music streaming serviced powered by YouTube is in development and should be available within the next few months, according to a report from Bloomberg. Remix, the project’s internal name, wouldn’t usher in any groundbreaking features. The report says it [...]

macOS High Sierra vulnerability grants anyone administrator access without password

There’s a pretty major security vulnerability that affects machines running macOS High Sierra. According to developer Lemi Orhan Ergin, if someone has physical access to your Mac, they can easily gain administrative access without the need of a password. It’s pretty astonishing just how easy it is to bypass Apple’s security, which Gizmododetails in its post. [...]

Walmart already pre-ordered Tesla’s electric semi trucks

Tesla took the wraps off its all-new electric semi truck this past week after months of anticipation. We still don’t know how much the truck will end up costing, but that didn’t stop retailing giant Walmart from pre-ordering 15 semi trucks to join its transportation fleet. Walmart’s enormous fleet has 6,000 trucks making deliveries across the U.S. [...]

AT&T and Verizon are going to build cell towers together

AT&T and Verizon have partnered with a third company to build hundreds of cell towers, Verizon announced today. The third company, Tillman Infrastructure, is a private company that makes and owns towers, and it will construct the towers to suit AT&T and Verizon. The new towers are going to be added in locations in need of [...]

Qualcomm teaming up with internet providers to bring mesh routers to masses

Qualcomm has been working behind the scenes to make mesh routers a possibility. Its technology, after all, is what powers the Google Wifis and Eeros of the world. Its latest move is to make this technology much more accessible to casual customers by partnering up with internet providers and Plume Design Inc. to create a [...]

Xbox One’s original Xbox compatibility is still coming this year

In a whole list of cool announcements at Microsoft’s E3 show this summer, one of the coolest – even if it was pretty low key – was the announcement of original Xbox backwards compatibility coming to Xbox One. Since the announcement, though, we haven’t heard a thing. The feature is still coming this year, though, [...]

Everyone in the world can watch NFL highlights on Facebook

Apparently you can never have too much football in your life, so Facebook is adding exclusive content from the National Football League to its platform. Facebook and the NFL have reached a deal in which the league will provide highlights from every game as well as two studio shows through next season. NFL Films, the [...]

Breaking: Google buys major part of HTC for $1.1 billion

While HTC will continue to exist, Google is going to assume control of the pieces that ran the mobile division. Google and HTC have reached an agreement in which the Taiwanese will send a large number of employees from its mobile division to Mountain View in exchange for $1.1 billion in cash. The deal also [...]

Hulu and Spotify team up for a sweet deal for students

If you’re a student struggling to make ends meet – i.e. every student ever – Hulu and Spotify want to help. On Thursday Hulu and Spotify announced that the two steaming giants would be teaming up with a new deal directed squarely at students. Spotify Premium for Students subscribers will now have access to the [...]