Google fights Apple’s ARKit with ARCore for Android Google on Tuesday formally introduced a preview of ARCore, a new software development kit (SKD) designed to bring augmented reality to current and future Android devices. You can see a demonstration of ARCore in the video above. According to Google, ARCore is built off the company’s Tango technology, which has existed in some capacity [...]

Android 8.0 Oreo rollout could be delayed

Google could be forced to delay the long-awaited Android 8.0 Oreo update if it’s unable to fix a connectivity issue that beta testers are currently experiencing. According to the firm’s Product Forums, the latest build of Oreo disrupts Bluetooth playback through Android Auto, headphones and speakers. Big G is requesting that beta testers affected by [...]

Google announces Android Oreo

And the name of Android O is… Android Oreo. That shouldn’t come as much of a surprise seeing as Google accidentally referenced the delicious treat ahead of today’s reveal. The famous chocolate cookie, which was introduced more than a hundred years ago, always seemed like the obvious choice as the name of Google’s next mobile [...]

Disney cuts ties with Netflix—Here’s why

Disney is ending its exclusive deal with Netflix in favor of launching its own streaming service. Nearly ever content provider is thinking about starting its own streaming service, so Disney’s decision doesn’t come as a surprise. Its deal with Netflix runs through 2019, which is also the year it’ll launch its own streaming service where Disney movies and content from its entities like Disney Channel [...]

Kaspersky launches free antivirus software for Windows

Following more than a year of testing in a small number of regions, Kaspersky has finally launched its free antivirus software for Windows PCs. It promises award-winning protection from infections and online safeguarding — without slowing down your system. Obviously you don’t get all the features you would normally receive when you pay for Kaspersky; things like identity protection, extra [...]