Privacy Policy

This privacy policy depicts KMTech Blog (“KMTech”)’s privacy measures to protect your data, and covers the terms under which we disclose this data to third parties. We reserve the right to add, remove, and modify this policy at any time in an effort to remain compliant with law, reflect changes in our platform, or otherwise. If at any point this policy changes, the effective change date can be found at the bottom of this page.


Network Communication

All network communications to KMTech server is performed over TLS (SSL) connections. All hypertext is served over HTTPS (Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure). These connections are established using ECDHE ciphers and SHA256 hashing with 2048 bit PKI.


Comments and other content submitted to Akismet anti-spam service are not saved on our servers unless they were marked as false positives, in which case we store them long enough to use them to improve the service to avoid future false positives.

Information Types:

  • Collected Information: Certain information regarding your system may be collected using cookies and other technologies. Often times, we collect the HTTP header your browser sends to us (containing your IP address, operating system, what you’re requesting, and other device information). The law of your country may legally depict your IP address as personal information.

  • Information from Cookies: When accessing the KMTech website, we usually send a small cookie (a text file containing alphanumeric information) to your system. These cookies are primarily used to store session information for maintaining persistence.