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Razer Nabu Release Date Officially Set for Dec. 2

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After almost a year of waiting, you’ll finally be able to purchase Razer’s Nabu smartbandstarting tomorrow, Dec. 2. The $100 wearable device will be available from the company’s online store in North America this Tuesday before expanding to other retailers.

“The Razer Nabu has undergone extensive consumer and developer testing, all of which is providing feedback toward the final retail-ready device,” said Min-Liang Tan, Razer’s co-founder and CEO. “This has ensured that with all the features polished—discreet notifications, fitness tracking, social capabilities and more—the Razer Nabu is a device that has something cool in-store for everyone.”

Razer bills the Nabu as the world’s first “social wearable,” and the device’s top feature may be the ability to share contact info by simple shaking hands with someone else wearing the same gadget. Of course, Nabu is also a fitness tracker with a built-in accelerometer, a cylindrical vibration motor and the ability optimize your morning alarm based on sleep patterns. Finally, it promises to serve up notifications with a discreet 128 x 32-pixel OLED display, and lets you dismiss incoming calls and messages by simply shaking your wrist.

The new smartband is water-resistant with an IP54 rating and packs a seven-day lithium-polymer battery. It also offers cross-platform support, working with Android 4.3 and up or any iPhone all the way back to the iPhone 5, and features easy integration with Apple’s new Health app. Nabu is available is two sizes and four colors (green, white, orange and black), though only the black version will be available at launch.

Overall, it looks like Razer’s produced a pretty interesting wearable device, and we’ll have more coverage once it hits the market.