Roundabout Spiralling onto PS4 and PS Vita with Cross-Buy

Roundabout is a crazy, silly, stupid game. Complete with full motion video cutscenes, horrific cheeseball acting, ridiculous arcade game and equally absurd background music, this effort is a child only a mother could love.

And by “mother,” we mean specific slice of gamer with a love for all things wacky. Good thing I fall into that category.

Roundabout is already on Steam for $14.99, and it sports overwhelmingly positive reviews from that community. Now it’s bound for the PlayStation family with PS4 and PS Vita releases. Even better, the game falls into the Cross-Buy club and will be available on both systems for a single purchase.

Fancy that.

There’s a PlayStation announcement trailer at the head of this post, complete with all the cheese you can handle. If this sort of goofy seems like something you can love, give it a shot. Roundabout is genuinely fun.