Russian Apple Store Returns With Higher Prices

Apple took down its online store in Russia recently following the volatility of the Russian ruble, which declined so much in recent weeks that the prices of Apple products in the country weren’t consistent. Apple wasn’t the only firm that reacted to the crashing ruble, and other companies such as Cartier quickly readjusted prices. The Apple Store is now back online in Russia, and with it are new and more expensive prices for the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus and other products.

9to5Mac noticed the changes Monday, noting a 35 percent increase in the iPhone 6 Plus price which moved up to 53,900 rubles for the entry-level model ($974). The most expensive iPhone 6 Plus is now priced at 77,990 rubles, too, and Apple’s iMac with Retina display is priced at 200,000 rubles. Apple’s price adjustments are relatively conservative compared to other firms, such as the aforementioned Cartier, which boosted prices by as much as 50 percent according to reports.

The changes have likely been made in an effort to offset any losses Apple could experience should the ruble decline in value against the dollar again. As of Monday morning, a single U.S. dollar is worth 54.31 Russian rubles, which is an improvement from earlier this month when one U.S. dollar was worth as much as 67 rubles

Source- 9to5mac