Samsung’s Absolutely Teasing Its Foldable Phone

While there still hasn’t been any confirmation, the South Korean company went ahead and rolled out a not-so-subtle teaser. You might need to look closely, but a tweet for the upcoming Samsung Developer Conference includes an animation that hints at the groundbreaking technology appearing soon. Now there’s little doubt of its impending arrival.

Samsung opens the teaser with a horizontal line that morphs into a widened arrow. Well, that shape seems to represent the foldable phone. It then turns into a vertical line. Together, these positions are likely indicating how users can manipulate the foldable phone as needed.

Watch the 10-second clip here:

Don’t assume a consumer-ready device will be unveiled and given a release date, but the Samsung Developer Conference should serve as a gateway for its introduction.

Last month, Samsung’s DJ Koh emphasized the importance of its foldable phone. It’s not being designed for headlines alone. Samsung wants to see it offered with distribution around the world. So there’s no room for a gimmicky feature set.

Yet there still needs to be an explanation for how this enhances the experience for users. Aside from creating a more compact mobile device, we see few benefits for a foldable phone. Who knows for sure except Samsung, but let’s not forget it also brought us curved edges and slimmed-down bezels with many advantages.

The Samsung Developer Conference takes place on November 7-8. We’ll let you know what comes out of there.