Samsung’s Coolest New Product is a Super-Portable 1 Terabyte Solid State Drive

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Samsung announced a whole bunch of new smart TVs and home appliances on Monday here at CES, but the company’s most exciting new gadget may just be a business card-sized solid state drive. The Portable SSD T1 doesn’t have the most original name, but it lets you carry a full terabyte of files in the palm of your hand.

Actually, Samsung’s new SSD comes in three different storage sizes, with the most expensive 1TB model going for $600. For a bit less you can pick up a 500GB version for $300 or a 250GB drive for just $180. The entire thing weighs less than an ounce and measures two inches by three inches across with a thickness of just four-tenths of an inch.

Under its stitched-plastic surface the Portable SSD T1 uses Samsung’s 3D V-NAND chip to pack all that storage into such a tiny space. It also offers read-write speeds of up to 450MB per second and built-in 256-bit encryption. It promises to work with USB 3.0 (and older USB standards) and connect to Windows and Mac computers without any extra work.

Samsung’s new solid state drive isn’t available just yet, but it’s expected to hit the U.S. later this month. We can’t wait to pick one up.