Skype For Windows Phone Gets Doodle Feature

Skype for Windows Phone was updated on Monday with a new feature that we’ve seen on other chat applications, like Hangouts, which allows users to send written messages to one another. The new feature, available in Skype version 2.24, can be both fun and productive.

Microsoft-owned Skype imagines that users will use the drawing feature to send doodles to one another, maybe a heart to a loved one or a silly sketch, but it also suggests you might want to annotate something — a picture, or circle a spot on a map to provide more accurate directions.

Microsoft added some features that should have been added a long time ago, like support for HD displays, the ability to sign-in to Skype automatically using the Microsoft account that’s already stored on your Windows Phone, and the option to actually sign in with an existing Skype account.

Hit the source to download the update for Windows Phone now.