Star Wars Battlefront runs at 60fps, 720p on Xbox One, 900p on PS4

The time is here, and we now know the nitty-gritty on how Star Wars Battlefront runs… in the beta, at least. Digital Foundry is back with its routine check-up on all the biggest games, and Star Wars Battlefront clocks in about as standard as it comes these days.

First up is the resolution in which the Xbox One finds itself once again trailing the PlayStation 4 with 720p vs. Sony’s 900p, “which means its running at 64 percent.” It is a similar story to DICE’s last outing, Battlefield 4.

From an image quality perspective, the compromises are just as you’d expect; we see more aliased edges, and a higher level of shimmering on fine distant detail – particularly on Tatooine’s flag-lines. Added to that, there’s a softening to the picture as a whole – a result of a more drastic upscale, combined with a similar grade of post-process anti-aliasing to PS4.

As for the framerate, Digital Foundry claims that both console versions run at a solid 60fps, but again, the Xbox One version dips to 50fps during several of the more cluttered missions, especially the Rebel base in the Battle of Hoth.

As for performance in the beta, Xbox One targets 60fps just like PS4, and it sticks to that number most of the way. The bad news is we see more drops to 50fps on balance compared to PS4, especially as the Walker Assault mission reaches its climax. By the tail-end of play here, we see start seeing more drastic dips, sometimes below the 50fps line once transparency effects kick in across the trenches.

It later chimed in with an update, stating that both versions run at 30fps with the split-screen feature, and it looks quite nice considering the dip in quality.

Keep in mind, these are the results from the beta test, so nothing is set it stone yet. With the game a month away from release, though, I’m not seeing these figures changing so much. Star Wars Battlefront launches for the Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC on Nov. 17.