Sunset Overdrive’s First DLC, Mystery of Mooil Rig, Out Now

Sunset Overdrive‘s first story-based DLC, The Mystery of Mooil Rig, is now available.

When a distress signal cries out from a Mooil Oil rig off the shores of Sunset City, Bryllcream emphatically asks for your help investigating. You swim right smack in the middle of a violent turf war between disgruntled and well-armed union workers. Plus, you have new mutants of the aquatic flair on your plate, too. But, you can handle it and set things straight. And if you can’t – well – there’s no use crying over spilt oil.

The pack includes new story missions, a new environment, and new moves. On top of that, there are new amps, traps, and challenges. One of the new amps spawns piranhas that flop around on the ground (like in that Faith no More video).

Sunset Overdrive has easily been one of my favorite games this year, so while you’re all enjoying your new iPhones and other gifts, I know where I’ll be.

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