Sunset Overdrive’s Mystery of Mooil Rig DLC Gets Trailer

The first mission-based DLC for Sunset Overdrive has officially released on the Xbox One, and this crazy adventure is moving for $9.99. Of course, it’s free if you picked up the Season Pass. Well, not free, but already paid for.

“Mystery of Mooil Rig” is the title, and the pack features a terrifying sea boss, battles on a crazy ocean-based rig, two new weapons, two new amps, one trap, two vanity items, new quests, missions, challenges, a night defense mission and a Chaos Squad mission. Yep, a whole lot of stuff.

Basically look at it like a new faction is being added to the game. Those that played Sunset should have a good idea about how much content that is.

It looks zany enough to warrant a $9.99 splurge. Maybe once Christmas settles and I have some actual free time to game, I’ll take the plunge and head out to Sunset City’s sea for this one. How about you?