T-Mobile’s Insanely Fast Wideband LTE Network Just Went Live in NYC


T-Mobile’s super fast wideband LTE network just live in New York City today. Typically we don’t cover market-by-market launches of new high-speed data networks, but this is important considering the large population of New York City, and T-Mobile’s noted speeds for the new network.

The carrier said that customers in the five boroughs, including Manhattan, the Bronx, Brooklyn, Queens and Staten Island can all expect a 50-percent increase in mobile data speeds, and that some customers are already noting download speeds in excess of 100Mbps, which is incredible. Verizon’s XLTE network has been noted to have similar speeds, and AT&T’s budding LTE Advanced network offers speeds up to 110Mbps in select markets, such as Chicago, already.

The new launch brings T-Mobile’s wideband LTE count to a total of 27 markets and 120 metropolitan areas, and T-Mobile said it will activate the service in central New Jersey, Scarsdale, White Plains and Westchester County soon, which means customers commuting from outside the city should soon expect fast data speeds while traveling to and from the city, too.