T-Mobile’s John Legere Promises Uncarrier Has “Only Begun” In New Video

There’s no better way to spread holiday cheer than by bashing the competition. T-Mobile CEO John Legere, unafraid to criticize his peers, released a Christmas-themed video on Monday meant to highlight the carrier’s big accomplishments this year, which have been many. Data stash, unlimited family plans, Music Freedom, low-rate international calling, and much, much more. It’s been a banner year for the company—at the expense of T-Mobile’s biggest rivals—so it’s no surprise to see the Uncarrier’s leader gloat.

Legere is one of the industry’s most outspoken figures, and has endeared himself to folks who feel mistreated by the U.S.’ bigger carriers. He’s a loose-canon, someone who consistently works to shake up the mobile market, and that’s exactly why people love him. It’s been a pretty big year for T-Mobile, with some very noticeable gains in subscribers in recent months. Despite some past discrepancies, Legere said he has every intention of continuing T-Mobile’s Uncannier philosophy. To start, customers can look forward to better indoor reception in 2015.

Check out the video to see Legere riff on the year that was, and get an idea why he’s the perfect CEO for T-Mobile.