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Amazon Fire TV Just $69 This Afternoon

Amazon had some pretty solid deals on Black Friday and it’s kicking off Cyber Monday with another great discount. The online retailer is offering the Amazon Fire TV, its streaming set-top box, for just $69. That’s down from the standard $99 price.

Amazon said the deal will launch sometime this afternoon but didn’t provide a specific time, so you’ll want to keep checking in if you’re at all interested. We’re huge fans of the Amazon Fire TV, and it’s particularly compelling if you’re a Prime subscriber and have access to Amazon’s ecosystem of streaming movies, TV shows and more. Of course, it also runs Android apps, so you can purchase the optional Fire Game Controller, which is still priced at $39.99, to play games, too.

If you don’t need all of the features offered by the Amazon Fire TV, you should also consider the similar Fire TV Stick, which is currently retailing for $39.00. We suspect the Fire TV will be a hot seller when it’s on sale later this afternoon, Amazon said Fire tablet sales on Black Friday were up 3x year-over-year and Kindle e-reader sales were up 4x, so you may want to move quickly once the deal goes live.