The OnePlus One is Now Available in India – If You Have an Invite

The hugely popular OnePlus One is now on sale in India, following a launch event in the capital city of New Delhi. Fans will be able to purchase the device exclusively from, but not before they’ve been given an invitation to do so.

That’s right — the controversial OnePlus invites have been carried over to India, where customers initially have two ways to obtain one. They can either sign up to the OnePlus newsletter and hope that an invitation makes its way into their inbox, or they can take part in one of a number of contests that will be held by OnePlus and

Only 64GB handsets in Sandstone Black are available right now, and they’re priced at Rs. 21,999 (approx. $355). That’s slightly cheaper than the Rs. 24,990 price tag that some smartphone retailers have been predicting. Official OnePlus accessories — including cases and screen protectors — are also available alongside the handset itself.

The One will ship with CyanogenMod 11S in India, but it will not receive CM updates. An exclusive partnership between Cyanogen Inc. and India’s Micromax prevents that, so OnePlus is now at work on its own version of Android 5.0 Lollipop that will be made available to One owners in India later on.

The company also plans to open up an office and a network of 25 service centers in India, which customers will be able to use for repairs, replacements, and support. The centers will even support One handsets purchased from other countries.


Brits Get £100 Off the New Moto X Today Only

Motorola is offering a terrific reduction on the new Moto X for Cyber Monday, and it isn’t just for customers living in the U.S. Android fans in the U.K. can also save a cool £100 (approx. $157) today only, which means a 16GB handset will cost just £319.99 (approx. $503).

That’s a terrific price for a 2014 flagship with a 5.2-inch 1080p display, a quad-core Snapdragon 801 processor, 2GB of RAM, and a 13-megapixel rear-facing camera.


Google Play Edition HTC Ones Could Get Android 5.0 Lollipop on Monday

Following a series of delays, HTC’s Google Play Edition One M7 and One M8 could finally get their Android 5.0 Lollipop updates on Monday. The Taiwanese company says that the software will be made available to consumers the same day Google approves it.

Mo Versi, Vice President of Product Management at HTC, first confirmed the update on November 14 when he told a user on Twitter that it would be available early during the week beginning November 17. He then tweeted again on November 18 to say that the software was delayed and would be available on Friday, November 21 instead.


Lollipop Factory Images Now Available for Nexus 4

Tired of waiting for Google to bring Android 5.0 Lollipop to your Nexus 4? Well, now you can take care of the upgrade yourself. Official Lollipop factory images are now available to download for the device, making it possible for users to update manually.

The easiest way to update your Android device is, of course, with an official over-the-air update. You don’t have to do anything but download the firmware, press a few buttons, and sit back while it installs. The only problem is, you have to wait for over-the-air updates, and they can take some time to arrive.

The other, usually quicker, option — if you know what you’re doing — is to simply find and obtain the software yourself, and then flash it manually. For those still rocking a Nexus 4, that’s now a possibility, thanks to Google’s official Lollipop factory images.

Factory images are simply stock firmware packages designed to restore handsets to their original state. They provide the same software you will receive over-the-air, but because you can install them manually, you don’t have to wait for Google or your carrier to make them available to your device.

Sure, flashing them is slightly more complicated, but because these are official images, there’s no need to worry about instabilities or anything going wrong (so long as you flash the right firmware).

To download the factory image for your device and find step-by-step installation instructions, visit the Nexus factory images webpage via the source link below.