Comcast’s NBCUniversal to acquire DreamWorks Animation

The rumors were true. Comcast announced Thursday that its NBCUniversal division will acquire DreamWorks animation, a studio known for hits such as Shrek, How to Train Your Dragon, Kung Fu Panda, Antz and other movies and TV shows. Comcast said it will bring DreamWorks into its Universal Filmed Entertainment Group. The deal is worth $3.8 billion, delivering about a […]

NBC blocking Sling TV commercials on its channels

Sling TV wants everyone to know about its service, but apparently Comcast isn’t quite as excited about that idea. A new ad campaign launched this week for the Sling TV streaming service, and while some companies have been running them without issue, Comcast isn’t quite as excited. The media conglomerate owns the NBC network, and […]

Comcast wants to offer crazy fast 10Gbps internet

Comcast already offers 2Gbps fiber Internet in some parts of the country, but the cable giant is just getting started. The company announced plans this week to start testing a new Internet service with download speeds well beyond what it currently offers. The super-fast broadband connection uses DOCSIS 3.1, which was unveiled back in 2012. It supports […]

Comcast officially dumps Time Warner Cable merger

Comcast has officially canceled its plans to buy Time Warner Cable for $45 billion, citing government opposition to the deal as its main reason. “Today, we move on,” said Comcast chairman and CEO Brian Roberts in an a statement to CNBC. ”Of course, we would have liked to bring our great products to new cities, but […]

Comcast Xfinity TV Go For iOS and Android to Offer 35 Live TV Channels

Comcast is preparing to launch a brand new app called Xfinity TV Go that will reportedly replace its existing Xfinity TV Player app. It will launch on Android and iOS and will offer 35 live TV channels spanning major networks. According to The Verge, which confirmed the story with a Comcast representative, the following channels will land […]