Spyro Reignited Trilogy remakes the first three games in one nice bundle

Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy‘s unexpected success has lit a fire under the pants of Activision to crank out more games with more beloved mascots it bought from Sony. No longer relegated to a spokesperson for Skylanders, the one and only Spyro the Dragon will be making his grand return to video games in a new bundle that […]

Microsoft launches Xbox Live servers in Australia to speed up online gaming

Microsoft has announced that it’s putting local Xbox Live data centers in Australia and New Zealand so gamers can enjoy faster online gaming. The company said in a press release that because it’ll be hosting Xbox Live in Australian data centers, Xbox One players will enjoy faster connection speeds, centralized local hosting and improved reliability on […]

Xbox Japan Boss Resigns from Position Following Troubled Launch

Xbox Japan Boss Takashi Sensui has resigned from his post in the shadow of disappointing Xbox One sales in his home country, as reported by Famitsu. He will continue to remain employed with the company at the Microsoft Redmond headquarters as General Manager for the Interactive Entertainment Business, but his term as Chief Executive comes to an […]

Microsoft Kills Off Clip Art In Favor of Bing Images

Microsoft on Monday announced the Office.com Clip Art emporium has finally and officially been closed. The library of corny 90s imagery will instead be replaced by Bing Images, so your presentations will no longer look like they were drawn up by a newspaper cartoonist. Clip Art has become a ubiquitous part of Office’s history, but […]

Xbox Boss Phil Spencer Says JRPGs Will Be Coming to the Xbox One

Xbox fans who love Japanese games are feeling the full brunt of the country not buying into the console. After all, why would any company want to develop games for a console its main audience does not buy? Japan’s best companies have always insinuated that they make games for Japanese fans first and everyone else […]

Microsoft Finally Patches 19-Year Old Windows Security Flaw

Microsoft on Wednesday is officially patching a bug that existed in its Windows operating system for 19 years, according to a new report from IBM’s Security Intelligence arm. The security flaw had been present in every single version of Windows since Windows 95 was released, IBM said, noting that the bug was complex and rare. […]