iOS 9 will take up just 1.3GB; iOS 8 takes up 4.58GB

Apple talked a bit about iOS 9 on Monday, when it introduced the new operating system during WWDC 2015 in San Francisco. However, it didn’t touch on some of the smaller features that might not drop as many jaws during a public presentation. On Apple’s site, however, Apple says iOS 9 will consume just 1.3GB […]

Apple Music app launches June 30

[metaslider id=2073] Apple unveiled its new music streaming service on Monday at WWDC. You can try it for yourself starting June 30 for $9.99 per month. It will be available then on iOS, OS X and Windows, with an Android version coming this fall. Apple Music is a pretty impressive new service, packing in 24/7 radio, […]

Apple Music streaming service unveiled

[metaslider id=2055] Apple just announced Apple Music, its new streaming service that officially represents the relaunch of Beats Music. “It’s going to change the way you experience music,” Tim Cook said, before introducing Jimmy Iovine. Iovine said that there are too many services out there that don’t quite do enough. One service does one thing, […]

Swift 2 announced, will be open source

[metaslider id=2020] Apple just announced Swift 2, an updated and now open source version of its programming language. Swift 2 will be available for iOS, OS X and Linux. Swift 2 includes a ton of improvements, including an error handling model, markdown in comments, availability checking, protocol extensions and a migrator from Swift 1.2 to the […]

Apple introduces multitasking for iPad

Apple’s iPad software is taking a huge step forward with multitasking, which the company just announced as a feature of iOS 9. This isn’t a feature new to tablets—we’ve seen in over on Samsung devices, and also from Microsoft. But, finally, Apple is giving iPad users the ability to run multiple apps on the same […]

Apple “News” is a beautiful iOS reading app

Apple just announced News, an app designed to read interactive articles on your iOS device. The app looks pretty similar to a number of readings apps, though it offers the option for media companies to build articles specifically for News. Apple also includes a favorites tab for tracking your top articles. The app is also […]

Rewards cards coming to Apple Pay

[metaslider id=2001] Dunkin Donuts, Kohls, Walgreens and several other merchants are going to start add support for store cards into Apple Pay. The news was announced during WWDC 2015 in San Francisco, where Apple also revealed it’s going to replace “Passbook” with a new app called “Wallet.” The support for loyalty cards will allow you […]

Square to launch contactless Apple Pay reader

Apple said during WWDC 2015 that more than 1 million retailers already accept Apple Pay. That number will soon expand, too, because the company announced a new Square reader is coming soon, which will allow retailers to easily accept contactless Apple Pay payments. It will also support chip cards in addition to ApplePay and other NFC […]

OS X 10.11 El Capitan launching this fall for free

[metaslider id=1930] The latest version of Apple’s Mac software, called OS X 10.11 El Capitan, will get a free release this fall. There’s also a beta coming in July, though the developer beta is available now. El Capitan isn’t as big as last year’s OS X update, but it still packs in some nice improvements. In […]