Gears of War on Xbox One “Making Massive Progress”

Gears of War is coming to Xbox One. Most gamers would have had little doubt about that eventuality, especially given that Gears of War has been a banner series for Microsoft ever since Emergence Day on the Xbox 360.

The Top 100 Call of Duty Players are Running Around with This Armor

Decadence. I think that’s the word I immediately think of when I look at the absurd Grand Master armor for Ranked Play in Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare. Sledgehammer Games announced on Twitter that the Top 100 Ranked Players in Advanced Warfare have been awarded with this Grand Master Character Gear set. If you see it? You’re […]

Yesterday’s Xbox Live Attack a Test Run for Large Christmas DDOS

Xbox Live was down last night for tens of thousands of gamers. It was revealed pretty quickly that the outage was the result of a malicious attack. Now, hacking group Lizard Squad has claimed ownership of the attack and hinted at a much larger plan for Christmas. They fired this tweet out after 9 o’clock […]

Xbox Japan Boss Resigns from Position Following Troubled Launch

Xbox Japan Boss Takashi Sensui has resigned from his post in the shadow of disappointing Xbox One sales in his home country, as reported by Famitsu. He will continue to remain employed with the company at the Microsoft Redmond headquarters as General Manager for the Interactive Entertainment Business, but his term as Chief Executive comes to an […]

Xbox Boss Phil Spencer Says JRPGs Will Be Coming to the Xbox One

Xbox fans who love Japanese games are feeling the full brunt of the country not buying into the console. After all, why would any company want to develop games for a console its main audience does not buy? Japan’s best companies have always insinuated that they make games for Japanese fans first and everyone else […]