Teens React to Mega Man… by Dying a Lot

If you’re unfamiliar with the React videos, you might be in for a treat here. This channel gets groups of people together and drops something in front of them for the first time in order to get their reactions on film.

This time, it’s Teens React. They’re reacting to the original Mega Man, and it’s as glorious as you’d hope.

To be completely fair, the original Mega Man is definitely a tough game. Even back when I used to rent it from my local Video Scene as a kid well trained in the arts of tough NES titles, I found this game (this series up until X, honestly) to be incredibly brutal.

Imagine playing it for the first time when your idea of a tough game is Flappy Bird?

I especially love the moment about halfway through when the kids think they’ve beaten the stage when, in reality, they’ve only found a ladder to climb up to a new portion of the level. What does that say about today’s games that pretty much everyone assumed that ladder was the end?

By the end, all these teens are in great spirits about the game, and I think that’s pretty awesome.