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The Apple Watch Will Ship In April

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Apple CEO Tim Cook on Tuesday said the Apple Watch will launch this April. During its earnings call on Tuesday—where Apple said it sold an unfathomable number of iPhones—Cook casually mentioned the company’s will be out in a few months, though an exact date wasn’t revealed. I would imagine it’ll hit on a Friday during the second half of the month, which means it could either be April 17 or April 24. That gives you three months to save; pricing starts at $349.

Last we heard Apple was going to release the Apple Watch in March, but turns out those reports were false. Cook didn’t reveal many more details about the device; potential buyers will be very interested to hear about battery, but official estimations haven’t been released yet. Reports have said it’ll be like every other smartphone out there, which is to say it’ll get you through a normal day’s use before needing charging at night.

Announced back in September, the Apple Watch is the company’s first entry into the wearable market, and a hugely anticipated piece of technology. Smartwatches thus far have been good—not great—which is why people are waiting to see if Apple’s device manages to change the wearable space. From what we’ve seen, it doesn’t seem particularly extraordinary, though we have still yet to play with one.

Don’t know what the Apple Watch is all about? You can get caught up here. As soon as a final date is revealed we’ll be sure to let you guys know. Because Apple has yet to commit to a date, there’s still a slim chance it could get pushed back even further, but I think Cook decided to mention it today to put everyone on notice.