The Top 100 Call of Duty Players are Running Around with This Armor


Decadence. I think that’s the word I immediately think of when I look at the absurd Grand Master armor for Ranked Play in Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare.

Sledgehammer Games announced on Twitter that the Top 100 Ranked Players in Advanced Warfare have been awarded with this Grand Master Character Gear set. If you see it? You’re probably already dead.

This is a pretty cool way to highlight the best of the best amongst a competitive community. It also gives some players a little tangible incentive to do extremely well.

Hey, if you love Call of Duty so much, this is probably a pretty darn sweet deal. I know I’ll never see the armor myself, but I do love when I get an Elite in a supply drop. The guns always look absurd, and I can’t wait to try them out each and every time.

Say what you want about Call of Duty, but Sledgehammer is doing some interesting things to a series that has become so wrote over time