Threes! and Monument Valley are Apple’s Games of the Year

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Apple has run down its best of the best for all sorts of iTunes related categories for 2014. It selected two games in the list, one for the best iPad title and another for the best iPhone title.

Their choices, folks, are spot on.

The best iPad game of 2014, according to Apple, was Monument Valley. This gorgeous puzzling affair alludes to M. C. Escher drawings as its inspiration point of environment and puzzle design. The game checks in at $3.99, and it includes some DLC as an in-app purchase.

The best iPhone game of 2014 was Threes!. This is a number sliding game not too dissimilar from 2048. Now, before you go screaming “copycat,” I wrote a long editorial about this a while back. Threes! was the original number sliding game, the other games came on as copycat apps. Threes! sells for $2.99, and it’s one of my pure favorites.

Both games are available on the Google Play marketplace as well, so you don’t need to own an Apple device to enjoy them.

What do you think of their choices? It’s interesting that both games are premium and not free-to-play, right?