Twitter Unveils “Instant Timeline” for New Users and More

Today is Twitter Analyst Day, a brand new conference where the social network shares its plans for the future, and we’ve already learned a lot about where the site is headed next. The company revealed plans for an “Instant Timeline” meant for first-time visitors, along with a “While You Were Away” feature and new improvements to Twitter’s Direct Messages.

Twitter has a problem with unsubscribed visitors to its site, which it says include about 500 million people who never log in or tweet. In response, the company will introduce Instant Timeline, designed to help you quickly create a personalized feed by checking off a list of general interests. At the same time, the company is looking to help out people who use Twitter regularly but have trouble keeping up with a non-stop stream of tweets. A new “While You Were Away” feature will attempt to show the best posts from your timeline since the last time you checked in.

Finally, the company said it will push out an update to improve its private messaging service. In the near future, Twitter plans to offer a new button that should let you grab any public tweet and send it as a direct message. The DM interface will also show the full tweet, making it easy to transition from public to private discussions.

Twitter hinted at the possibility of new apps, but wouldn’t offer any specifics. The company did note that video makes more sense than music, so don’t expect a Twitter-owned music streaming service anytime soon.

We’ll let you know if the company announces any other big changes it has planned, and we’ll be on the lookout for these new features as they begin to rollout.