Uber Inks New Partnership with Sprint

Back in May of this year, Uber announced a new partnership with AT&T in which the carrier started pre-loading the Uber application onto its Android smartphones. Now, Uber has a similar agreement in place with Sprint.

For some folks that means an additional bit of pre-installed carrier bloatware – can’t we just install it on our own if we want? – but for others, it might be a good introduction to the on-demand car service. And for Uber, well, it’s a great way to tap into a new customer base. Also, while it can be considered bloatware, Uber and Sprint are at least trying to make it worth your time. Sprint customers who haven’t used Uber before will receive $20 off of their first ride this month, using SPRINT in the promotion code box. Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem to apply to existing Uber users, which is a shame.

We suspect Sprint customers will start seeing Uber pre-loaded on brand new Android smartphones immediately, and it looks like this trend is set to continue, at least as Uber grows in popularity

Source- Uber