Upcoming OnePlus One Update Should Fix Persistent Touchscreen Issues

The OnePlus One has been met with generally positive reviews, and for the price you really can’t beat the quality. But while we have (mostly) good things to say about the experience, others have run into nagging issues the company still hasn’t fixed since the device’s original launch. Case in point: users are still complaining about a faulty touchscreen. An issue, to be fair, we never experienced in our testing.

OnePlus rolled out a firmware update not that long ago that was supposed to squash the touchscreen issue for good, but some users are still reporting persistent issues. Things like unresponsiveness, issues typing, and swipes being misinterpreted as taps. It doesn’t make the device completely unusable but, as you can imagine, it certainly makes for a frustrating experience.

Luckily, OnePlus is testing a new update that should take care of the problem once and for all. Android Police got its hands on the new touchscreen firmware and kernel, and said it turned the “unresponsive piece of junk touchscreen into buttery smooth Note 3/Nexus 5-like typing experience.” That to us sounds like the fix is a success.

No word on how much more testing will take place, though Android Police surmises the update will be pushed out to OnePlus One users soon. For those with an unresponsive screen, I’m sure the new software can’t cmee soon en oh. Darn keyboard.