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Xbox Entertainment Studios Officially Closed

When the Xbox One was unveiled two years ago before E3, Microsoft made a very big deal about its original programming. The console was set to eventually be the home of media from the Xbox Entertainment Studios, and it was headed up by Nancy Tellem and Jordan Levin.

After the announcement this summer that the studios would soon be shuttered, Microsoft has gone and made it official by letting Tellem and Levin go. Variety has it that the two were trying to “salvage” some of the studios’ projects before its eventual closure. Those, apparently, have been lost as well.

Polygon obtained an official quote from Microsoft regarding the state of the Xbox Entertainment Studios.

“Yes, we can confirm that Xbox Entertainment Studios has closed as part of the companywide restructuring announced by Microsoft last July. Nancy and Jordan were key members and visionaries for the XES team, and we thank them for their leadership and many contributions.”

It looks like the only original media coming to the Xbox One anytime soon is Halo: Nightfall. Beyond that, the work of the Xbox Entertainment Studios and its employees is no more.

Were you hoping to see anything special out of this initiative? Or, would you rather the Xbox division stick to making games and hardware?