Xbox One DVR to debut in 3 countries, will require an external hard drive

Microsoft announced that the Xbox One will soon be able to work as a DVR with its digital TV add-on at gamescom last week, and a few more details are trickling out.

While using the feature is free of charge, it does require some specific hardware. In addition to requiring the Xbox One Digital TV Tuner (and any HD antenna), Microsoft confirmed to Gamespot last week that it’ll also require an external hard drive. It makes sense, though. With just 500GB or 1TB inside the system, space is already going to be at somewhat of a premium. There’s also hard drive bandwidth to be worried about. The system can record TV and play games at the same time, but doing both from the same drive would slow everything down. Giving the DVR a dedicated path to send data down ensures that both features get the bandwidth they need.

When the service launches in 2016, it won’t hit every Xbox immediately. Speaking toVG247, a Microsoft spokesperson said that the service will hit the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom first, with countries like Germany and France to get the service at a later date.

Once active, the DVR functionality will allow users to record live TV via the digital TV tuner (but not cable or satellite), which they can then watch on the system or stream to any WIndows 10 device in the house, in addition to copying the shows off onto other devices for offline play.