Xbox One Receives Early Price Cut in China


The Xbox One released roughly three months ago in China. At the onset, the console did well at retail by selling out and generating a decent level of hype in the country.

That pace dwindled too quickly, though, and Microsoft has since been in a bit of a tough spot while trying to move their machine in China. The PlayStation 4′s launch there is right around the corner, so Microsoft and its retail partners have elected to slash the price of the system ahead of its competition’s release date.

The Xbox One’s new price is 3,799 RMB with the Kinect and 3,199 RMB alone. Those figures are 500 RMB less than they were before the cut. 500 RMB is currently converting to roughly $80.70, making this price drop rather significant.

As for whether or not the cut will lead to a second wave of life for the Xbox One in China remains to be seen. The lower cost of the console coupled with making the Kinect a choice peripheral in the Western world has lead to much better sales for the Xbox One, for what that’s worth.