You Can Now Get Google Play on Your Amazon Fire Phone Without Rooting

One of the biggest complaints about the Amazon Fire Phone is its lack of Google Play, which means users are forced to download apps from Amazon’s own Appstore instead. But now you can install the Play Store on your Fire Phone yourself, and you don’t even need root access.

There are a lot of great things to be said about the Fire Phone and even its Fire OS software, but unfortunately for Amazon, there are a lot of negatives, too. Perhaps that’s why the retail giant has found it so difficult to sell its debut smartphone, which was recently blamed for a $170 million writedown.

Its biggest downside for most consumers is that the Fire Phone does not have access to Google apps, including the Google Play Store — which means its app catalog is limited. But that’s no longer the case, thanks to a third-party developer.

“Inwisso” of the XDA Developers forum has worked out how to install the Play Store on a Fire Phone without having to root or perform any other warranty-voiding tricks. It’s essentially as simple as downloading a few files — the Play Store and Google’s framework — and then installing them in a certain order.

The YouTube video below demonstrates the installation process, and you’ll find links to all the downloads you’ll need in the original XDA thread via the source link below. Before you try this yourself, however, you should note that this isn’t official software and you could run into issues you weren’t expecting.

With that said, proceed with caution, and be sure to backup your data just in case.