The Interview, otherwise known as the controversial movie that has been at the center of cyber attacks on Sony, will officially debut in theaters on Christmas Day. You may also be able to stream it online. While Apple allegedly turned down the option to provide it through iTunes, YouTube apparently bit at the chance, though there’s nothing certain just yet.

According to CNN, YouTube is “tentatively” set to stream The Interview to viewers through a rental option. This, of course, isn’t new for YouTube — the site already streams plenty of old and new movies to end-users. It is however a major move considering the controversy that has surrounded the launch of The Interview, which just a few days ago looked like it might have been shelved.

YouTube hasn’t yet confirmed the report from CNN, and we don’t know when it might launch — it’s possible it could hit as soon as Christmas Day, or it may be delayed following the release to movie theaters. Additionally, CNN said that talks might still “fall apart” and that other streaming partners are likely, which means it’s by no means an exclusive to YouTube just yet. We’ll see what comes of this soon.

Update: Via CNBC, Sony has confirmed that it will distribute The Interview starting today through YouTube, Google Play, Microsoft Xbox Video,, and its own site. It should be available as early as 10 a.m. PST for $5.99. If renting isn’t your thing, you can purchase the movie for $14.99.

Update #2: Google has released a statement regarding its decision to support The Interview, saying it is committed to making the “world’s information accessible—yes, even Seth Rogen movies.”

Update #3: Variety now reports that Sony is in talks with Netflix to  The Interview within the next few days. Netflix declined to provide a comment, though given how widely the movie will be available in the next thirty minutes, I imagine the streaming will want to partake in the hoopla. Sony reportedly screened the film for Netflix executives in recent days.