What you need to know

  • Disney+ is now available for general pre-order in the United States.
  • It’s still $6.99 a month, or $69.99 a year.
  • And you still have to wait until Nov. 12 to actually watch it.

If you just can’t wait for Nov. 12 to roll around and for Disney+ to officially launch, it’s now available for pre-order for folks in the United States.

And, well, that’s it. You don’t get anything extra. You don’t get a price break, like with the D23 promotion. But you do have the knowledge that you’ve subscribed to something and given Disney your credit card more than a month in advance. So there’s that.

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Note that this is only for Disney+, and that the ridiculously well-priced $12.99 bundle that includes Hulu and ESPN+ won’t be available until launch on Nov. 12.

Disney+ is the upcoming streaming home for all of Disney proper. Of course, that world has expanded by several orders of magnitude as Disney also owns Marvel and Star Wars, as well as Pixar and National Geographic.