Until solid-state drives become significantly more affordable, there will continue to be a market for traditional hard disk drives — and they will continue to improve. Proof of that comes in the Seagate Seven, the world’s thinnest HDD ever made, which measures just 7mm thick.

That’s 0.1mm thinner than Apple’s super slim iPhone 6 Plus, and yet Seagate has managed to fit physical platters that deliver 500GB of storage at excellent speeds inside it. But Seven isn’t just thin; its shiny steel chassis also makes it incredibly attractive.

Seven is being launched to celebrate the 35th anniversary of the world’s first mass-produced 5.25-inch desktop hard drive, the ST-506, which was built by Seagate itself back in 1980 and had just 5MB of storage space. Today, the drive wouldn’t even hold a high-resolution photo.

Seven, which will have no trouble holding thousands of photos or hundreds of HD movies, uses speedy USB 3.0 connectivity and is based upon the Angsana drive. But that’s about as much as Seagate is willing to tell us at this point.

We’ll know more about Seven when it goes on sale in mid- to late-January, priced at $99.99.