Google isn’t playing very nice with the competition. The company recently targeted Microsoft by publishing three Windows security exploits, including one that Microsoft was about to patch just 24 hours later, and now it’s taking on Apple.

Google’s Project Zero team recently published three OS X security exploits to its Google Security Research website, which were recently spotted by Ars Technica. The news outlet suspects that Apple may have already patched one of the exploits found in OS X Yosemite, but Apple won’t confirm or deny those exploits.

Project Zero doesn’t just publish the exploits willy-nilly, however. It does actually report them to the parent company, in this case Apple, and gives them 90 days to fix the issue before it publishes its findings for all to see.

The problem with the publication of these exploits, Ars Technica explained, is that would-be hackers can actually use some of the proof-of-concept code published by Google to attack the vulnerabilities discussed in OS X.

Google’s Project Zero team will likely continue to do this. It clearly believes that firms should be held responsible for the code. Microsoft has argued that there are better and more secure ways to handle it, however. Hit the source for a deeper dive into what Google’s team found.