Verizon on Wednesday announced that it’s adding a few “More Everything” data plans, and also tossing in an extra 1GB of data for folks with some of its existing data plans.

Verizon said that, beginning tomorrow, customers with 1GB, 2GB or 3GB data plans, which typically cost $40, $50 and $60 per month, respectively, will now have an additional 1GB of data tacked on. Verizon is also going to add in a new 6GB data plan that’s priced at $70 per month. That’s in addition to new 12GB, 14GB and 16GB plans, which should cater to customers who don’t need Verizon’s much larger data buckets.

Verizon is also tweaking its pricing for smartphones purchased with Verizon Edge that are paired with accounts with 6GB of data or more per month. Customers will now pay $15 per month after a discounted $25 access fee, the carrier said.

The moves should provide more options for customers who might otherwise be attracted to the discounts offered by T-Mobile recently. Though, for the most part, Verizon has said it’s not afraid of T-Mobile’s tactics.