Google is getting into the mobile payments game with a new service dubbed Android Pay.

It seems everyone is launching some sort of mobile payments solution, but unlike Apple Pay and Samsung Pay, Android Pay will not be an app that consumers use. Instead of dealing with the headaches of payments itself, Google is going to attempt to allow more app developers to jump into the game themselves.

Speaking at Mobile World Congress today, Sundar Pichai, Google’s SVP of Product, announced that Android Pay will be an API that developers can leverage to add payments to their applications. The new service will offer similar security features to other services out there such as one-time use credit card tokens for extra layers of security should someone get ahold of your phone.

For those wondering what this means for Google Wallet, it isn’t going anywhere. Android Pay will just be what resides underneath Wallet to power it and applications built by other developers.

It seems that the mobile payments war is at hand with all of the big players jumping into the fray. Now comes the question of which platforms are robust enough to survive.