When it comes to the Xbox One, some features are reserved for those connected to the Internet. Most of them make sense, like web browsing and multiplayer gaming, but others seem just plain weird. They worked offline on the 360, for instance, why not on the Xbox One?

Fans hit Xbox head Phil Spencer on Twitter for a bit of discussion.

What’s this gamer looking for? Offline Achievement support, pins, custom backgrounds and the ability to see recently used apps. All of those standard features are tucked behind the veil of an Internet connection.

Spencer’s response? Simple. “I’ll push.”

Look, we all know that the Xbox One had a really, really troubled unveiling and launch. It didn’t help that Sony was so eager (as they should have been) to come out and twist the knife with targeted ads.

The Xbox One didn’t seem like it was being made for gamers. It was a TV box that played games, and it was set to be walled off behind so many rules and “features” that it seemed downright invasive.

Now? Phil Spencer is in charge of Xbox, not Don Mattrick. The console has constant updates, the team is clearly listening to the community and they’ve addressed every bit of feedback that they can.

These offline features will be fixed. I say that confidently because Microsoft has handled the Xbox One exceptionally well since that first year of very backwards marketing. Which, hey, kudos to them.