The Oculus Rift headset will be accompanied by an Xbox One wireless controller, Oculus announced at their Pre-E3 press conference today.

While motion controls and other new methods will certainly enhance VR gaming, much of the content, especially at the beginning, will be traditional gaming experiences. Instead of creating a whole new controller for this purpose, Oculus has partnered with Microsoft to include an Xbox One controller with the headset.

Additionally, the Oculus Rift headset will be natively compatible with Windows 10, Phil Spencer announced when he took the stage. One of the most interesting features of Windows 10 is the ability to stream Xbox One games to any Windows 10 PC in the same house, and this functionality is coming to the Oculus Rift as well. Spencer called out games like Halo and Forza Motorsport as some examples, though it should be compatible with every game.

Before you think about something like looking to your left and right and checking your blind spot, though, what the Windows streaming capability provides it not a VR input for the Xbox One, but rather an additional screen to stream Xbox games to. If you stream an Xbox One game on the Oculus headset, you’re put in front of a virtual screen in a virtual living room that you can look around in. It’s nothing revolutionary, but it does provide yet another reason to slip the headset on.