Is this Christmas in August? It’s not even September, and here we are with the Xbox One system update planned for September, already in our hands.

Maybe it’s not like Christmas, but this is still a pretty big update. The patch, which is already rolling out, includes updates to the party system, GameDVR and boot-up options, as well as some brand new features.

Most significant among them is probably the Media Player app, which will allow you to play media from a USB drive. Here’s a full list of the features present in the new update:

  • A new Media Player app: Play media files from an attached USB device or a network connected home media server with the new media player app – DNLA support coming soon. Xbox One will support more formats than Xbox 360, including support for dozens of new file formats like Mpeg 2 TS, animated gifs and MKV, which will be added by the end of the year.
  • Party on in the new and improved Party App: Be the leader of your party with the new party leader setting. As the party leader, you can change whether the party requires invitations and you can remove others from the party. The updated app also lets you see what activities everyone in your party is doing and who is playing in the same game with you in addition to being able to quickly perform common actions like muting, joining, or sending game invites.
  • New features for SmartGlass: You can now post status messages from the Activity Feed and comments, or share items from both your Activity Feed and Game Clips. Along with the new comment and share features, a personalized Activity Feed has been added to your profile and messages have been updated to a new layout supporting a full conversation view. Additionally, we are adding the ability to record game clips directly from the Now Playing bar. Finally, for users who upgrade the app directly, we have introduced a What’s New page highlighting the features of each release.
  • “Xbox On” capabilities in Australia, Canada (French), Italy, Spain, and Mexico: New regions will have the ability to use the “Xbox On” Kinect voice command to power on their consoles when they’re in connected standby (Instant On) mode.
  • Boot to TV: Now Xbox One owners will be able to set their console to boot directly to television when coming out of connected standby.
  • Bandwidth Usage Display: Bandwidth Usage will show users how much bandwidth their Xbox One is consuming over a period of time, a useful tool for those who want to track against bandwidth caps set by ISPs in certain markets.
  • GameDVR deletes: Users will be able to choose multiple GameDVR clips to delete at once in the Upload app.
  • Save your Avatar Gamerpic: A new option to save Avatar Gamerpics to users’ OneDrive.

This is a particularly wide variety of features that serve a huge chunk of the Xbox One userbase. If you’re using the Xbox One in a family setting, for example, Boot to TV may be indispensable. Consistent improvements to the Party app are making the Xbox One online experience more and more pleasant. The Bandwidth Usage Display will be particularly useful for players in markets like Canada and New Zealand where bandwidth caps can be quite severe.

If you keep your Xbox One in standby, the update should already be in place.