Earlier this month T-Mobile said it was on track to cover 230 million Americans with LTE service, and today the carrier claims it has officially hit that goal. CEO John Legere broke the news on Twitter, using the opportunity to take a shot at the competition.


T-Mobile may be beating Sprint when it comes to POPs (which refers to the total number of people who have access to the service), but the UnCarrier is still lagging behind its larger competitors. Back in February, AT&T was at 280 million POPs of LTE, while Verizon had already passed 300 million LTE POPs. At the time Sprint was at 200 million LTE POPs, though we’re not sure how much the carrier’s footprint has expanded since then.

With T-Mobile quickly catching up to Sprint, and even beating the competing carrier by some metrics, it will be interesting to see what happens if Sprint’s planned acquisition of T-Mobile goes through.