It’s the end of the month, and that means a new crop of movies will be available for streaming starting May 1, while an equally long list of films will be cut from the service. This month Netflix is adding both Kill Bill films, five old Godzilla flicks, and plenty of other classics to make up for the movies we’re losing on May 1.

With Godzilla slated to return to theaters in mid-May it’s probably not a coincidence that Netflix is filling up its library with old monster movies starring the overgrown lizard. Before the new film is released, you can kick back and watch the classic Godzilla Vs Mothra or even Terror Of Mechagodzilla. Netflix is also adding a seven James Bond films, including the classic Goldfinger, in case you prefer international men of mystery over monsters.

Netflix is also cutting some classic films from its streaming library this month, includingSome Like It Hot, South Park: Bigger Longer And UncutHarold and Maude and Mean Girls, which just celebrated the 10th anniversary of its release. For the full list what Netflix is adding and dropping this month head over to Reddit via the source link below.