Aereo confirmed today that its live TV streaming service is sold out in New York for the moment. The news came from CEO Chaitanya Kanojia following a report published on DSLReports by one frustrated cord-cutter.

Last night cordcutter Karl Bode decided to set up Aereo ahead of the Super Bowl this weekend, only to learn that the popular service is “sold out in New York.” In a follow-up email, the company confirmed that after two years of service it’s run out of capacity in some markets. “As soon as additional capacity is added, new consumers will be notified that they can sign up,” Aereo added.

Aereo works by using dime-sized antennas to stream local TV to your mobile device, desktop browser or set-top box. The service costs $8 per month and comes with built-in DVR . The company hasn’t revealed the size of its user base, but clearly it’s not having trouble attracting new customers.