Starting New Year’s Day, Netflix’s library of content will be almost 100 films lighter, with some notable titles, including Top Gun, among the casualties. What’s a Netflix user to do? Fortunately, the streaming service will be adding some movies in the hopes people won’t notice the absence of such films as 50 First Dates.

Many of the new additions are decades old, but there are some notable movies nonetheless, such as Big Trouble in Little China and American Psycho. And for all you kids of the 90s, Good Burger is also being added to Netflix’s catalog, instantly making up for the lack of Seed of Chucky, Desperado and Flashdance combined. Nothing will replace Can’t Hardly Wait, however. Nothing.

This is simply part of the world of streaming; it’s too bad content can’t simply be added, and not taken away. The second half of Dexter’s last season is being added in addition to the new movies, so you’ll have plenty to watch once Jan. 1 hits. And if you haven’t yet seen some of the films on the outgoing list, you only have mere hours until they’re gone.