Apple TV is getting a new operating system called tvOS based on iOS. The company says its new software makes it easy for developers to create beautiful new apps or simply update their current products for the biggest screen in your house.

tvOS introduces a ton of new features for Apple TV. Using Siri voice controls you can ask for extra information about the movie or TV show you’re watching. You can even ask for a quick weather or sports update without pausing the video. tvOS can handle more complicated questions too; it can even find a specific episode of a TV show based a simple request.

There’s also a big focus on gaming with tvOS. Popular mobile game Crossy Road is even getting a new multi-player mode exclusively for Apple TV. You’ll also be able to play the new Guitar Hero and Disney Infinity on the set top box.

tvOS will support universal apps for iOS too, meaning pretty much anything should work with the new Apple TV software.